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Paper lace doilies ø 37

Paper lace doilies ø 37

Price: 2.70лв.
Paper lace doilies ø 29

Paper lace doilies ø 29

Price: 1.50лв.
Paper lace doilies  ø 26

Paper lace doilies ø 26

Price: 1.30лв.
flags * 144br.

flags * 144br.

Price: 1.50лв.

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This is our F.A.Q.Orders

Orders can make all users of the website and purchasing platform from a distance. Sending the order does not automatically preserve the items in our system. Your order will be sent to the appropriate address that you choose. Our staff will contact you for clarification of any details you submit order. To queries sent from Monday to Thursday will be answered on the day following receipt of order (if working). Inquiries sent Friday to Sunday (or other official holidays), will receive response on the first working day following the weekend. ZHU-BG enables all customers to order online with 5% discount for payment by bank transfer or online. Discount is only the goods which are not in the promotion.
Method of payment
The user can pay the price of the goods ordered from the website using their choice of the following methods:
1. Cash.
2. Payment by bank card.
3. Bank transfer.
4. Payment through ePay account
Whichever way all payments are made in the Bulgarian lev, euro and dollar. By accepting these terms and conditions the user gives their explicit unconditional agreement to pay in advance of ZHU-BG entire selling price of goods ordered through the website. In case of payment by "cash" in the provision of courier buyer receives an invoice stated ordered goods due the selling price, and shipping costs. The buyer gives the courier amount equal to the total amount (including the price of the product and the cost of delivery) specified in the invoice, which is noted on a radio - broadcast (certifying delivery of goods mentioned in the invoice from the courier to the buyer) which serves as a receipt . By signing the handover protocol buyer authorizes courier to deliver on his behalf and for his account of the Company the amount representing the purchase price of the goods supplied.
Pursuant to Art. 55, para 1 of the CPA buyer who has quality consumer under the Consumer Protection Act within seven days of delivery has the right without compensation or penalty and without giving any reason to refuse from the contract, return the goods ordered under the following conditions:
1. User to inform the prior written branch of ZHU-BG, where the purchase is made, one of the following email addresses:,, zhu.burgas @, that pursuant to Art. 55, para 1 of the Consumer Protection Act waives contract, must specify a bank account to be refunded the price paid by him to the returned goods.
2. Goods to be returned by yourself or by an authorized with written authorization with a notarized signature, a person at the branch and ZHU-BG from where they were purchased.
3. Set by the manufacturer's original packaging of the product is not opened and is still intact put by ZHU-BG safety stickers.
4. All transport and other costs of returning the goods are fully paid by the consumer. Until the return of the commodity by the user of ZHU-BG, the risk of accidental loss or damage of the responsibility of the user. If the user makes use of his right under Art. 55 al.1ZZP provided that it fulfilled the above - mentioned conditions ZHU-BG is obliged to refund the price paid by bank transfer (in the above order given - above bank account) within five working days of the return of the goods.