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Paper lace doilies ø 37

Paper lace doilies ø 37

Price: 2.70лв.
Paper lace doilies ø 29

Paper lace doilies ø 29

Price: 1.50лв.
Paper lace doilies  ø 26

Paper lace doilies ø 26

Price: 1.30лв.
flags * 144br.

flags * 144br.

Price: 1.50лв.

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About Us

ET "Zhu - St. Vodenitcharov "- 1990.
Zhu-BG was established 1990. As ET "Zhu-St. Vodenitcharov ". Since 1993, the company manufactures plastic consumables for the food industry. The first product of the production base is a plastic drinking straw. In the following years the company has developed a product still unknown to the Bulgarian market in 1996, and he is wine pourer. This is one of the first luxury products that customers are willing to brand. With quality, comfort and beautiful design, it shall issue "Bacchus" as a product that each wine producer has to offer. In the coming years, Zhu-BG offer customers production line for cups and disposable packaging.
With the advent of 2000, Zhu-BG focus on the agriculture sector in line of consumables specifically designed for agriculture. Supplies produce for Bulgarian agriculture were not yet known to the market and we have invested time and money in the development and introduction of agriculture to our products and what are the benefits. Participate in various exhibitions AGRO as the first producer of such agricultural commodities. From these statements we received awards and Gold Medal for Innovation in the agriculture sector. The next few years developed its first machine for planting seeds in Italian model IS-40 and again surprised its customers have reduced the costs and time that they took to prepare nurseries and greenhouses. Quality and convenience they offer we produce agricultural commodities pushed us forward and at the time they are offered in countries such as Greece, Macedonia, Romania and others.
"Zhu - BG" Ltd. - 2008.
After we got two of the largest sectors of the market of consumer goods and agriculture, we decided to go in a different direction of development. So we started looking for clients from various industries such as Pharmaceuticals and heavy industry. What they offered helped their production processes, transport and gave security and reliability of their products and customers. We are grateful to customers who have trusted our packaging solutions and enabled us to become an important part of their production processes. Experience gained over the years with high class clients allow us to meet the needs of our partners in the EU.
For the last three years printing (branding) of various goods occupies a large and important part of our production. Over time we became and proved as a partner who can meet tight deadlines and competitive prices without compromising on quality. Part of our personalized items can be found in gas stations or restaurants, bars and discos, trademarks largest producer of alcoholic drinks as part of an advertising campaign or just part of your party for your birthday.
With time, we learned that there are no small or large customers. All clients for us are equally important and that we pay attention to every detail to be able to achieve the ultimate goal TOGETHER.